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Delft-FEWS User Day for German-speaking users 2016 (Aachen, Germany)

On the 5th of July 2016 our partner Hydrotec hosted the first Delft-FEWS user day for German speaking customers. Attendants came to Aachen from as far as Vienna and Hamburg. The day was chaired by Oliver Buchholz, the leader of the Hydrotec Delft-FEWS team. Dirk Schwanenberg (Deltares / University of Duisberg/Essen) presented the latest features, and then three interesting case studies were presented: by Ulrich Haberl (Verbund, Austria) presented how they Delft-FEWS use year-round for the multi-purpose management of dams in Austria, Marc Scheibel (Wupperverband, Germany) showed how Delft-FEWS is used for operational water management and flood hazard communication in Nordrhein-Westfalen, and Tim Ochterbeck (Hydrotec) presented how Deltares and Hydrotec use RTC-Tools with Delft-FEWS for optimizing dam operations in Germany, Turkey and the United States. The rest of the day was used to discuss user's experiences and the recent problems with the early-warning of floods caused by convective rainfall in large parts of Germany. This rewarding day ended with good food and drinks in the historic center of Aachen.

Tim Ochterbeck presents RTC-Tools

The next day visitors could participate in a hands-on workshop "Data assimilation in your own catchment," led by Dirk Schwanenberg and Rodolfo Alvarado Montero (University of Duisberg/Essen). You here learned how to improve short-term forecasts through updating model states using the latest tools for data assimilation and forecast verification in conjunction with Delft-FEWS.

More information is availabe here (contact: Oliver Buchholz (oliver.buchholz@hydrotec.de).



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