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bathymetry rgfgrid
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2/23/17 11:10 PM
Hey everyone,

Hope all are doing great, I am now working with Delft3D FM... and I don't know where can I create the depth file (like the one in Delft3D that you create using Quickin)...
Sorry for my basic questions:

1) how can I create my depth file for FM... (do I use RGFGRID?)
I attach an image... I created the grid myself, I also made the .xyz file using AutoCAD and other tools...
I want to simulate sediment transport in this "lagoon", by just using tides...

2) I would also like to know... if m grid is ok, because I would like to take into account a little bit over the landboundary (over 0)...
I would like to see flooding in a future example, and I want to create a better grid.

3) So, I don't quite get it now, but, how does Delft FM takes the points that are negative and those which are positive...

thanks in advance

Attachments: delftfm.jpg (648.2k), (646.8k), (170.4k)
RE: Bathymetry
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2/24/17 11:07 AMas a reply to Alejandro Paladio.
Dear Alejandro Paladio,

You could find answers in chapter of tutorials of the FM user manual, see here:

Please let us know if there is still any problems.

With kind regards,

Jing Zhao
RE: Bathymetry
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3/4/17 2:05 AMas a reply to Jing Zhao.
Hi Jing Zhao,

Thank you for your answer, I have no trouble on running the hydrodynamic module.

RE: Bathymetry
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3/6/17 10:23 AMas a reply to Alejandro Paladio.
Dear Alejandro Paladio,

Great to hear that it works for you. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Jing Zhao