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Chil Lee

I am a student studying at Korea.

I have simulated using delft3D-FLOW.

Recently, I am trying to simulate a storm surge using Delft3d FM.

I have a simple question.

When I enter the Spider Web grid file on FM, can I use the .spw file using the dashboard?

Does delft3d-FLOW and FM use the same spider web grid file (spw)?

and How do I set the atmospheric pressure in FM?

Average air pressure on bounds/ average initial air pressure are 0 N/m^2 or 101325.00000 N/m^2 ??

Please answer a simple question.

I always thank you, guys.

Thank you.

Posted on 10/20/17 4:44 AM.

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Setting bathymetry on edges
d-flow fm bathymetry
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7/15/17 2:06 AM
Based on prior work with a different modeling platform, we have sometimes found it useful to set bathymetry directly on the faces (aka edges, velocity points), rather than at cell centers or nodes.

After stepping through the code, I was able to do this to some extent (not fully tested yet) by adding a section to my old-style external forcing file with "QUANTITY=bedlevel". Since this option is not mentioned in the manual (i.e. table B.1 in the user manual), I am wondering if this is ill-advised, and whether that option is likely to remain in the code for the foreseeable future.

Thank you --