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Chil Lee

I am a student studying at Korea.

I have simulated using delft3D-FLOW.

Recently, I am trying to simulate a storm surge using Delft3d FM.

I have a simple question.

When I enter the Spider Web grid file on FM, can I use the .spw file using the dashboard?

Does delft3d-FLOW and FM use the same spider web grid file (spw)?

and How do I set the atmospheric pressure in FM?

Average air pressure on bounds/ average initial air pressure are 0 N/m^2 or 101325.00000 N/m^2 ??

Please answer a simple question.

I always thank you, guys.

Thank you.

Posted on 10/20/17 4:44 AM.

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dfmoutput parallel computing
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8/8/17 9:24 AM
Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to merge my map-output from a parallel computing simultaion and found in the manual (chapter Merging multiple map files into one) apparently the exact solution to this. Unfortunately it tells you to use the DFMOUTPUT tool which I have´nt been able to find.

Is this a separate -exe file, or is it integrated into the delta shell somehow? If anybody could point me in the right location to search or tell me where I could download this tool, would be highly appreciated!

Thank you for your help,
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8/9/17 2:02 PMas a reply to Karoline Wischnewski.
Dear Karoline,

First of all could you please let me know if you are working on Linux or Windows?

DFMOUTPUT is an external tool that is shipped together with our Command Line Interface and DIMR.
Unfortunately, the functionality of merging parallel output files is not yet integrated within DeltaShell.

On Linux, if you downloaded the last version of Delft3D FM Command Line Interface - Linux 64 bit ( then you should find the dfmoutput tool in the same directory where the dflowfm executable is located.

Kind regards,
Michal Kleczek
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8/10/17 8:37 AMas a reply to Michal Kleczek.
Hi Michal,

thank you for the response, sorry forgot to mention that I work on Windows. So I guess I will have to get it seperately.

When you say it is "shipped together with our Command Line Interface and DIMR", what does that mean. Is it not a freely available tool, that could be downloaded from the deltares server?

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8/11/17 5:01 PMas a reply to Karoline Wischnewski.
Dear Karoline,

First of all by "shipped together with our Command Line Interface and DIMR" I mean that DFMOUTPUT is a free tool that should be delivered together with DIMR, command line package. You should have it on your system after installation of the Delft3D FM Suite 2017 HMWQ (
It is not a separate product but rather a small program that is mainly useful for merging parallel output of DflowFM, hence it is not a separate download. Perhaps in the future the functionalities of this small tool will be incorporated into Deltashell.

Secondly, unfortunately in the current release (1.3.2) this tool was not delivered in the standard package on Windows (on Linux it was). I have already made sure that in the next beta release (in september) this is corrected. For now, I will contact you by your company e-mail with a tool and description.
I apologise for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,