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Chil Lee

I am a student studying at Korea.

I have simulated using delft3D-FLOW.

Recently, I am trying to simulate a storm surge using Delft3d FM.

I have a simple question.

When I enter the Spider Web grid file on FM, can I use the .spw file using the dashboard?

Does delft3d-FLOW and FM use the same spider web grid file (spw)?

and How do I set the atmospheric pressure in FM?

Average air pressure on bounds/ average initial air pressure are 0 N/m^2 or 101325.00000 N/m^2 ??

Please answer a simple question.

I always thank you, guys.

Thank you.

Posted on 10/20/17 4:44 AM.

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OpenEarthTools in Matlab v. 2017

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OpenEarthTools in Matlab v. 2017
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8/9/17 12:05 PM
Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the OpenEarthTools with the newest Matlab version (R2017a). I downloaded the complete set of files in the /trunk/matlab directory from the deltares server. Trying to acces data within Delft FLow FM outputfiles I get confronted with the following issue:

1) launching via the MATLAB command line with oetsettings and trying to import a file with the command (I followed the procedure of the video
ncfile = '';
returns the error

Field assignment to a non-structure array object.
Error in dflowfm.readNetOld (line 132)
G.edge.FlowLinkType.flag_values = nc_attget(ncfile, 'FlowLinkType','flag_values');
Error in dflowfm.readNet (line 128)
G = dflowfm.readNetOld(ncfile);
Error in dflowfm.readMap (line 68)
G = dflowfm.readNet(ncfile);

I also tried doing the same as before but with a history-file, which resulted in a different error

Error using netcdflib
The NetCDF library encountered an error during execution of 'inqVarID' function - 'Variable not found (NC_ENOTVAR)'.
Error in netcdf.inqVarID (line 21)
varid = netcdflib('inqVarID', ncid, varname);
Error in nc_varget_tmw>varget (line 62)
Error in nc_varget_tmw>varget_nc (line 24)
[data,info] = varget(ncid,varname,varargin{:});
Error in nc_varget_tmw (line 5)
[data,info] = varget_nc(ncfile,varname,varargin{:});
Error in nc_vargetr (line 38)
[data,info] = nc_varget_tmw(ncfile,varname,varargin{:});
Error in nc_varget (line 35)
[data,info] = nc_vargetr(ncfile,varname,varargin{:});
Error in dflowfm.readHis (line 41)
hisdata.cross_section_discharge_int = nc_varget(filename, 'cross_section_cumulative_discharge');

I tried with several different map-output files from different runs and projects and always get the same error. Is this due to the newer version of Matlab or am i missing something? Those files definitely contain data, as they can be opened using quickplot.

Any help or advice on what to try would be appreciated,

Thank you,