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RE: DFlow-FM Bathymetry exported from Delft3D-Flow model

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Hi all!

I am converting a D3D-Flow model into a DFlow-FM model and I was wondering about the following:

I exported a samples file (*.xyz) from the original D3D-Flow depth file (*.dep) using Quickin and used the samples file as input bathymetry in DFlow-FM (all in cell centres).

Right now I am comparing the results and the initial bathymetry of both models appears slightly different (+/- 1-2 cm).

I am wondering what may cause these differences. Anyone who knows more about this?

Kind regards,

RE: DFlow-FM Bathymetry exported from Delft3D-Flow model
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9/15/17 1:12 PMas a reply to Roy van Weerdenburg.
Dear Roy,

As you are likely aware, the interpolation can be influenced by the difference in your grid/network between Delft3D Flow and Delft3D Flexible Mesh. Additionally, the sample set selection and location of samples versus the selected interpolation method can also have an impact. I presume between sample files and depth file you had no differences.

Could you please let me know which version of Delft3D Flexible Mesh are you using?

Kind regards,
Michal Kleczek