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DFLOW-FM Error crashes during run - Requested time preceeds current time

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DFLOW-FM Error crashes during run - Requested time preceeds current time
boundary conditions dflow-fm run-time error ec-time
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1/10/18 11:32 AM
Has anyone else received this run-time error (the model ran just fine for 13.7 days of 15-day run; then stops for no apparent reason); the BC files were all read OK at start; there is nothing unusual at this point of time in the BC file.

Running DFLOW-FM command line interface on Windows.

WARNING: Updating target failed, quantity='waterlevelbnd', item= 735
WARNING: Updating source failed, quantity='polytim_item', item=00694
WARNING: Updating target failed, quantity-'polytim_item', item= 694
WARNING: Updating source failed, quanitty='uniform_item', item=00702
WARNING: Requested time preceeds current forcing EC-timelevel by 1 seconds = 0.000 days.
WARNING: Current EC-time: t= 1104120.000 seconds
WARNING: Requested: t= 1104118.679 seconds
WARNING: Error while updating boundary forcing at time= 1104118.679
WARNING: Error during computation time loop. Details follow:
WARNING: Unknown error (16)