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Clean up of model failed
output cleaning error error 2002
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11/29/17 12:01 PM


I had a flow model running no problem (in both 2D and 3D), I then made another model exactly the same but with a new (much finer mesh) grid and now the model still runs but fails just at the end when it gets to the "cleaning" stage.

The error is gives me is "Couldn't open grid nc file: C:/ because of err nr : - 2002" and "Clean up of Flow model has failed"

If I look for results after this, there isn't any time series to query or anything in the model itself but it is still writing the his, map and restart files as outputs which look normal however when I look into those files using Quickplot then the results are clearly not right - somethings gone wrong.

What can I do to fix this cleaning error?
RE: Clean up of model failed
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12/8/17 10:27 PMas a reply to Lucy Tilsley.
Hello everyone,

I am having the some trouble. Could anyone please help to resolve our problem?

Best regards,