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RE: Issues Regarding Delft3D Flexible Mesh 16 (Need Reply Badly)!

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Issues Regarding Delft3D Flexible Mesh 16 (Need Reply Badly)!
delft3d flexible mesh grid issues orthogonal error
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12/25/16 4:04 AM
Dear Concern,


This mail is regarding Delft 3D Flexible Mesh 2016, recently purchased by Institute of Water and Flood Management, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

While exploring Flexible Mesh, we have found some issues stated below, and we want to know possible solution of the issues. Related screenshots have been used as reference for the ease of understanding.

??Screenshot 1(1) and Screenshot 1(2):

Tried to make a simple irregular grid [Screenshot 1(1)] and orthogonalized (maximum value: 0.008). But, orthogonality value increased (maximum : 0.167) while doing local refinement by drawing polygon at middle [screenshot 1(2)] . How this issue can be solved, as it was suggested to keep the orthogonality to 0.05??


Tried to refine the desired area (i.e river) by keeping splines closer to each other. But, while orthogonalizing the grid, it has been seen that the value could not be decreased after a certain amount. (maximum: 0.324)


Three different grids have been made (Triangular for river and land, rectangular for land with more coarse resolution).

All the grid were separately orthogonalized (by keeping value between 0.05). But, when all the grids were merged together, the orthogonal value of the overall grid changed to 1.00 ; Question is, which criteria we have to follow if we want to keep the orthogonal value less than 0.05 in case of merged grids.


While loading another grid a FM GUI of Grid , the Grid interface is shutting down by showing an error message. Why this is happening??

All the criteria have been followed while making grids from screen-cast of website of Delft3D.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.





Attachments: Screenshot_1(1).jpg (202.5k), Screenshot_1(2).jpg (271.0k), Screenshot_2.jpg (285.6k), Screenshot_3.jpg (264.5k), Screenshot_4.jpg (128.5k)
RE: Issues Regarding Delft3D Flexible Mesh 16 (Need Reply Badly)!
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1/4/17 11:38 AMas a reply to Gazi Md. Amin.
Dear Gazi Amin,

We will contact you by E-mail as a part of your Delft3D service contract.

With kind regards,

Jing Zhao
RE: Issues Regarding Delft3D Flexible Mesh 16 (Need Reply Badly)!
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11/28/17 10:29 AMas a reply to Jing Zhao.
Hi Jing,

I have the same issue. Appreciate if you could help to resolve it.

RE: Issues Regarding Delft3D Flexible Mesh 16 (Need Reply Badly)!
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11/30/17 8:34 AMas a reply to Reza Shafiei.
Dear Reza,

Could you please mention which version of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh are you using?
You mentioned you get the same issue but do you imply the error/crash during loading a network?

Kind regards,
Michal Kleczek
RE: Issues Regarding Delft3D Flexible Mesh 16 (Need Reply Badly)!
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11/30/17 8:46 PMas a reply to Michal Kleczek.

I am using Delft3D FM Suite 2017 HMWQ.

I've generated irregular/unstructured mesh from polygon, and then orthogonalised that. I can't bring the orthogonality down, and so the model can't be run.
I've tried to generate grids from splines and it works. But, I can't understand why my first mesh can't be accepted by the software.