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RE: Small flow links

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Small flow links
delft3d flexible mesh grid error rgfgrid
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11/16/17 2:57 PM
Hello at all!

I got some problems generating an unstructed grid with RGFGRID (Win64).
Sometimes everything is fine and there is no error when loading the grid into Delta Shell.
But sometimes it says:

"The kernel reported the following error(s):
** ERROR : 2 small flow links discarded. Run remove small flow links or increase trhs."

I cannot identify the location of these small flow links. When do small flow links appear?
Is there a possibility to find/remove them?

Thanks for help!
Regards Christopher
RE: Small flow links
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11/16/17 7:18 PMas a reply to Christopher Oertel.
Hi Christopher,

I'm sending a copy of what RGFGRID Manual says:

"Merge Circumcenters
An irregular grid can be used to calculate water flow. This involves a pressure gradient between
the circumcenters of neighbouring cells. That procedure is numerically unreliable when
the distance between said circumcenters becomes too small. The option Merge Circumcenters
merges such neighbouring cells, also called remove small flow links"

This option is under menu options, Operations --> Grid --> Merge Circumcenters


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RE: Small flow links
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11/21/17 3:33 PMas a reply to Sebastian Martijena.
Ok, this operation does not exist in my version of RGFGRID.

Does anyone knows another possibility to remove the small flow links. Or maybe some options in settings to prevent the generation of small flow links...


RE: Small flow links
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1/15/18 2:29 PMas a reply to Christopher Oertel.
Dear Christopher,

What is the version number of your RGFGRID?

Kind regards,