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RE: DFLOW-FM Error crashes during run - Requested time preceeds current ti

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DFLOW-FM Error crashes during run - Requested time preceeds current time
boundary conditions dflow-fm run-time error ec-time
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1/10/18 11:32 AM
Has anyone else received this run-time error (the model ran just fine for 13.7 days of 15-day run; then stops for no apparent reason); the BC files were all read OK at start; there is nothing unusual at this point of time in the BC file.

Running DFLOW-FM command line interface on Windows.

WARNING: Updating target failed, quantity='waterlevelbnd', item= 735
WARNING: Updating source failed, quantity='polytim_item', item=00694
WARNING: Updating target failed, quantity-'polytim_item', item= 694
WARNING: Updating source failed, quanitty='uniform_item', item=00702
WARNING: Requested time preceeds current forcing EC-timelevel by 1 seconds = 0.000 days.
WARNING: Current EC-time: t= 1104120.000 seconds
WARNING: Requested: t= 1104118.679 seconds
WARNING: Error while updating boundary forcing at time= 1104118.679
WARNING: Error during computation time loop. Details follow:
WARNING: Unknown error (16)
Dear Seth,

Concerning your question, could you try the following two approaches:
1. Please double check if the time series in the BC file keeps increasing (no decreasing). If this is fine, then go to the next approach.
2. You could set a smaller value for the maximum allowed Courant number in your MDU file. Please let us know if you still get the same errors.

P.S. What is the version number of FM that you are using?

I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Kind regards,