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RE: water quality model

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water quality model
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12/15/17 3:13 AM

I have completed current modelling in D-Flexible Mesh and am doing water quality modelling now. Purpose is to understand concentration change in an area inside the domain. I have imported the .hyd file from D-Flexible Mesh to D-Water Quality and created fractions and boundary data. I see that as default model specifies 1 to the domain and 0 to boundary condition (where I forced tidal level data). What I need, is to give fraction 1 to the area of interest and 0 to the domain and then observe the concentration change within the area. Appreciate if someone help on this.

RE: water quality model
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2/9/18 3:12 PMas a reply to Reza Shafiei.
Dear Reza,

To set fraction 1 to the area of interest and 0 to other areas, you could do the following in DeltaShell:
1. Click tab "Initial Conditions", you will see a table.
2. In this table, at the row of "Initial", choose "Constant" as Function type and set 0 as Default value.
3. Still in this row, click "Constant", and choose "Coverage" as Function type. Then click the button in column "Edit", the network of the model will be shown.
4. In the tool bar above, click tab "Draw polygon", then you could draw a polygon to indicate the area of your interest.
5. In the tool bar above, click tab "Set value", then you could set the value you want for the area of your interest.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,