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GUI Display Problems in Windows 10

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GUI Display Problems in Windows 10
gui windows display problem
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2/26/18 1:22 AM
Hello All,

I have recently installed the 2017 and 2018 versions of the Delft FM GUI (latest on two different machines running Windows 10. Functionality is fine with existing models and running simulations. The text and selection box spacing is all "off" on both Windows 10 machines. As you will see in the attached screenshot, the expansion "+" does not show up in the left hand panel, and in using Boundary Conditions as an example, the selection boxes for "Forcing Type" and other functions cannot be seen. No amount of expansion or moving windows allows these yo be seen.

I have tried multiple resolutions and other options in Windows 10 and the outcome is always as shown in the example.

Has anyone run across this or have a solution?

Thanks in advance,

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RE: GUI Display Problems in Windows 10
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2/28/18 10:28 PMas a reply to Craig Jones.
Dear Craig,

If I am not mistaken it looks like you are working on a 4K monitor. The problem that you are mentioning about weird resolution is something related to the scaling of our views/windows on monitors with higher DPI (dots per inch) and higher resolution.
We are currently busy with making our software 4K and high resolution proof. Till that is completed could you please try the following workaround:
  1. Lower your DPI setting to smaller 100%. Note that by default this would be 125% or 150% on 4K, setting can be found in Control Panel -> Display.
  2. Likely you will need to also lower your resolution, currently the recommended setting is: 1280 x 1024, 64 bit color depth.

Kind regards,
RE: GUI Display Problems in Windows 10
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3/4/18 1:36 AMas a reply to Michal Kleczek.

Thanks very much for the prompt response. Unfortunately the changes didn't solve the problem on one of the computers, but I will try the other when I am able to access it again. Yes, you are correct in that they are both 4k dsplays.

In the meantime we will keep working away on the other systems where the new GUI works great.

Thanks again,