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Computatioanl Time Check in Delft3D-FM

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Computatioanl Time Check in Delft3D-FM
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7/21/16 10:19 AM
Good Morning,

I would like to know how can I check the computational time of my simulations in Delft 3D-FM.

Best Regards,
RE: Computatioanl Time Check in Delft3D-FM
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7/26/16 12:46 PMas a reply to Andrea Neri.
Dear Andrea,

After running a Delft3D Flexible Mesh simulation in the location where your model is saved you will get YOUR_MODEL_NAME.dia diagnostic file. If your simulation was successful at the end of this file you will find some statistics such as:
time steps + plots (run time together with output)
time furu (computational time of furu routine which description can be found in Technical User Manual).
and few others.

Unfortunately the current release of DeltaShell does not produce this output. If you run from command line you will get the statistical output mentioned above. I have created an issue to enable it in DeltaShell and you can refer to it in communication with us: #DELFT3DFM-578

Other option to get statistics, and a more detailed timing information, is to use TimingsInterval in the mdu (Timing statistics output interval visible below in print screen from DeltaShell). Specifying this option will produce the txt file in your model output directory. The file YOUR_MODEL_NAME_timings.txt (default) will contain detailed timings for many different parameters.
For less detailed information but rather an estimation of how long it takes the simulation from one step to another you can use Statistics output interval (StatsInterval in the mdu). This option will cause DflowFM to write to the diagnostic file more detailed progress report on the simulation.

Kind regards,

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RE: Computatioanl Time Check in Delft3D-FM
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5/1/17 4:01 AMas a reply to Michal Kleczek.

This is very useful information.

Has this the ability to write simulation diagnostics file been implemented in Deltashell yet? Or does one still have to run from the command line?


RE: Computatioanl Time Check in Delft3D-FM
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5/1/17 4:06 AMas a reply to Ben Williams.
I see it has. Problem solved.