(updated on January 4th, 2017)

Developments scheduled for upcoming releases
(iMOD 3.5 and 3.6)

  • Implementation of the SFR2- and LAK-packages:

SFR2- and LAK-package are being implemented in iMOD as part of ongoing projects and will become available in one of the upcoming iMOD-releases. 

  • New tutorials for the SFR2- and LAK-packages

The iMOD User Manual will be extended with a tutorial on the use of the SFR2- and LAK-package; both tutorials will offer a step-by-step exercise on the use of these packages.

  • A new Parallel Krylov Solver package (PKS):

We are currently developing a new parallel solver package for MODFLOW called PKS (Parallel Krylov Solver). It is based on overlapping domain decomposition combining both the techniques of MPI and OpenMP. This development is done together with the USGS in corporation with Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology. This year we are piloting this new PKS package in iMOD to test running large iMOD models on powerful multi-core computers allowing a drastic reduction in runtimes. We hope we will be able to make this new solver available in one of the upcoming iMOD-releases.

Other ongoing developments, but not yet scheduled for a particular release

  • Implementation of MNW2-, UZF- and SWR1-packages

The existing SUBsidence-package has been extended with 'creep' for clay and peat; the implemented concept is consistent with D-Settlement (geotechnical software).
For more info, please have a look at the presentation given during the iMOD International User Day 2016. We hope we will be able to include this extension in an upcoming iMOD-release at the end of 2017.

  • Coupling of iMOD and DgFlow:

Proof of Concept: iMODFLOW has been off-line coupled to DgFlow, a finite-element code developed by Deltares for simulating the consolidation process of dikes/embankments. An explicit head-flux boundary coupling has been realised, demonstrating the added value of incorporating regional, transient, groundwater flow boundary conditions for dike stability analysis. For more info, please contact Deltares.


We also plan to make iMOD-MT3DMS/SEAWAT open source and include it in the iMOD-framework. This modified version of MT3DMS/SEAWAT uses an easy-to-use runfile for specifying model data for many layers and supports the common iMOD file-formats. We hope to finalize this open source process at the end of 2017, depending on the availability of resources.

  • Additional runfile-options:

We are implementing a number of additional runfile-options; for a specification of these runfile-options scheduled for a next iMOD-release, please have a look in chapter 10 of the iMOD User Manual.