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netcdf import
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9/5/16 8:45 AM
Page 87 of the manual states that netCDFs (v3_4) says that NetCDF files can be imported. These usually have an extension '.nc'. There is no .nc extension in the 'Known file typ' tab of the import window. When I paste the name in manually, it says that it does not accept the filterstring.

Sorry, must be a rookie thing I am missing here, but I could use some guidance.

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9/5/16 4:22 PMas a reply to Rogier Westerhoff.
Hi Rogier,
I moved this thread to the Category: iMOD-GUI --> User Questions.
From there everyone can read it and subscribed users get a message.
Kind regards,
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9/6/16 9:38 AMas a reply to Rogier Westerhoff.
Hi Rogier,

Import of NetCDF is only possible with the 32bits version of iMOD, make sure the Netcdf.dll is located in the same folder as the iMOD executable. Also writing to a NetCDF is only possible with the X32 version of iMOD. Be aware that iMOD can import an NetCDF that describes a grid, other formats or content of a NetCDF-file might give issues. Best is to export an IDF to a NetCDF file using iMOD, and than apply that format to your NetCDF-files as well.

Kind regards,

Peter Vermeulen