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gen file to IDF

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gen file to IDF
create idf gen
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1/25/17 4:20 PM

I want to convert a .gen file to an IDF. The gen file is produced in qgis from a data set from TOP10NL. The map shows roads and sidewalks as polygons (it's a vector file). I can load the gen file in the iMod manager. I want to make an IDF out of it with the roads/sidewalks with a value of 1 or 0 and the other parts of the map as no data values (-9999). I tried to do this using Edit> Create feature > Create IDF.. > from GEN, but I couldn't find out how to this. I also didn't find clues in the iMod yet, thus I put the case here.

Is there a way to do this?
RE: gen file to IDF
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2/2/17 3:21 PMas a reply to Maurits Zoutendijk.
Dear Maurits,

You are looking in the right GUI window to convert the GEN to IDF.
* In the manual, this topic is discussed in the paragraph "Create an IDF-file" (ch 4.1)
* To get some instructions I refer to Tutorial 4. From section "Creating the topography" you find some steps how to get from the GEN file to a IDF file.

Best way is to just load the GEN file into the 'create iDF / from GEN' window.
After selecting the Apply button, you are asked to give the name of the IDF to be created.

The additional options in the window can help you to create a more tailored IDF.
For instance:
- change the IDF window and cell size
- select the option "force line interpolation" and polygon features are treated as line only
- select the 'i' button in order to select another item you would like to grid into the IDF. Standard the value for the ShapeID is gridded. You like perhaps to grid roads / sidewalks indicator values

Is this helpful?

Kind regards,