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2/6/17 1:54 PM
Hello iMOD-Team,

using iMOD the units have an importance in handling. iMOD works for Length in m and Time in days.

I'm preparing iMOD for using for Time in years and seconds. There are historical reasons for that...
My question now - the project manager is writing the prj-file only with 2 digits.
If I'm writing the prj-file directly more digits are considered. How many?

Is it possible to expand the digits written by the project manager,
so there will no difference between using the tool or writting the prj-file directly?

And: from the pumping tool I learned, that iMOD is sensitiv to leap years, isn't it?

Thanks, Angela
RE: Units
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2/6/17 3:07 PMas a reply to Angela P.
issue is moved to Category: iMOD-GUI / User Questions
RE: Units
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2/7/17 11:45 AMas a reply to Frans Roelofsen.
Thank You, Frans.

I have a additional wish: It would be nice to have information about the model area size and the model volume size together with the water balance at the end of the list-file.