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River package and river import from MODFLOW

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River package and river import from MODFLOW
river package modlfow import
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7/5/17 2:23 PM
Hey guys,

I am trying to establish a river into my model. I created the necessary files for bottom, stage, inf factor and conductance with ISG-Edit. However, as soon as I try to run the model, an error occurs.I attached the list-file. All the related IDFs are assigned to layers automatically.

How do I properly import a river from MODFLOW 2005 into my model? Using the import function in iMOD does not work.

Best regards,
Attachments: log_v3_4.txt (13.9k)
RE: River package and river import from MODFLOW
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7/8/17 12:53 PMas a reply to Christian Haars.
Hi Christian,

From the attached logfile I find out you run with iMODFLOW 3.4.
-> Are you aware version 3.6 was released recently?
I am not sure it will solve your issue but you can try.

From the logfile I can not derive what caused the error.
In your results directory there is another log file with the standard Modflow 2005 content.
You find it as <your result dir>\mf2005_tmp\*.list
-> if this file cannot help you find the problem, please share it in this forum.

You write about a problem importing a river from MODFLOW 2005.
This modflow import tool only supports the import of a complete model (not a single river file).
-> Please share the error message or error window and the forum community can maybe help.

To finalize; your write you created an ISG river file first, converted it into IDF grids and included it in the RUN file under the RIV module.
-> Did you consider to include the river in the RUN file under the ISG module referring to your *.isg file directly?

Kind regards,
RE: River package and river import from MODFLOW
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7/12/17 11:52 AMas a reply to Frans Roelofsen.
Thanks for the answer, Frans. I did not try to include the river under ISG in the RUN file.

I just requested v3.6 and will then try the river tutorial first. Hopefully that will solve my issues and enable me to properly include the rivers into my model.

Best regards,