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Problem reading IDF files for rivers when running model

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Dear community,

I have a problem with my IDF-files that I use to represent rivers in my model. When I try to start the whole model (extentwise) it does not read the IMODFLOW_1 file and when I choose another smaller extent of the river, it does not read the IMODFLOW_2 file.
I do have successful model runs with the same files and setting for a different extent of the model.

Attached are the files that make the problems and the respective log-files.

Best regards,
Attachments: COND_0-1_250_new_800.idf (7,698.8k), IMODFLOW_1.list (51.2k), IMODFLOW_2.txt (51.9k), INFFCT_0-1_250.IDF (7,698.8k)
RE: Problem reading IDF files for rivers when running model
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10/13/17 9:11 PMas a reply to Christian Haars.

So the problem is probably within the chosen extent, could it be that your model extent is larger than the IDF file, that is not allowed. Any IDF need to be at least as big as the chosen model dimension.

Peter Vermeulen