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Cannot create IDF from GEN

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Cannot create IDF from GEN
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10/28/17 6:37 AM

I am trying to generate an IDF from a GEN file based on the Island tutorial provided in the iMOD documentation (Tutorial 4: Create your first groundwater flow model). I am using v4.0 of the software. I am experiencing a number of issues with this tool.

• Populating an attribute for a GEN feature (such as topographical level) does not work. Reopening the edited attribute shows that the edits have been lost.
• When trying to generate the IDF (levels for example) the interpolation does not occur based on the selected attribute. It always occurs based on the SHAPEID. Even if I explicitly select the "Levels" attribute for gridding/interpolation.

Why is this feature not working? How to fix this?
RE: Cannot create IDF from GEN
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11/8/17 3:55 PMas a reply to A A.
Dear A A,

In another recent post the IDF generator is also discussed.
Perhaps your issues are also solved in iMOD4.1. Please try.

Kind regards,
RE: Cannot create IDF from GEN
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11/8/17 4:03 PMas a reply to Frans Roelofsen.
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