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MODFLOW import

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MODFLOW import
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1/11/16 11:50 PM
Hi, Just starting to experiment with IMOD, however I am unable to import an existing MODFLOW model (std MODFLOW package files). There is no error reporting, an empty run file is created and no other files. has anybody successfully used this function? Any advice or tips would be gratefully received.
Thanks Clive
RE: MODFLOW import
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1/12/16 2:54 PMas a reply to clive hampton.
Hi Clive,

Thanks for a tread with your question on this Forum.
I feel free to move it to a better position: the subcategory "User questions" under category "iMODFLOW".

RE: MODFLOW import
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1/13/16 9:35 AMas a reply to clive hampton.

Yes we have a lot of examples of modflow model imports (v1988, v2000 and v2005) to iMOD. You should know that not ALL modflow packages are supported, please have a look at the iMOD manual to see whether the packages that you want to imported are supported.

Also, if that doesn't solve your problem, feel free to send me some more information about the model you want to import. Moreover, you may send me the modflow files, in that way I can have a more detailed look.

Kind regards,
Peter Vermeulen