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Project Manager / Create Run file / error message

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gernerating a runfile, i got the error message "Missing data to (a) convert to BCF6 or (b) convert to LPF package".
This means, I think, iMOD is missing data describing Transmissivity or Permeability? I gave KHV as well as ANI, also TOP and BOT (and others too, of course). So for my understanding the problem is defined.
What is iMOD missing?

I tried it activating KDW with NODATA. After this the "Define Simulation Configuration" has been started. But for what KDW is needed? KHV, TOP and BOT are there.

Thank You for answer.
Best regards
RE: Project Manager / Create Run file / error message
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2/29/16 9:28 PMas a reply to Angela P.
Hi Angela,

To be able to use the BCF6 or LPF6 package you need at least the following paclages:

BCF6 needs at least the KDW (Transmissivities of modellayers) and VCW (Vertical Resistances in between modellayers) packages

LPF6 needs at least the TOP, BOT, KHV and KVV packages. The KHV are the horizontal permeabilities in the aquifers and the KVV are those in the interbeds. Although you might not have interbeds it is still necessary to give the KVV package.

The ANI that you specified is the horizontale anisotropy and the KVA is the vertical anisotropy for the vertical permeability within the aquifers, so it belongs to the group of KHV.

Hopefully this gets you (re)started again.

Kind regards,
RE: Project Manager / Create Run file / error message
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3/1/16 8:56 PMas a reply to Angela P.
Hi Angela,

After giving it another look I saw that you need to specify the KVA package as well. This is fixed in the coming iMOD version v3.3, which is scheduled for the mid of March to be released.

Kind regards,