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Converstion Arcgis shapefile to GEN-file

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Hi everyone:

I want to import a shapefile from Arcgis to iMOD. In the manual it only mentions "Within ArcGIS this can be performed only by a conversion of the ArcGIS shapefile to a ArcINFO coverage and finally using the command UNGENERATE to create a GEN-file." I don't really understand the conversion in ArcGIS, and the command "UNGENERATE" is only mentioned here, and I don't know how to use it. Could you please help me?

RE: Converstion Arcgis shapefile to GEN-file
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6/27/16 4:01 PMas a reply to Hongyang wang.
Hi Hongyang:

There is an old post named "Create an IDF from GEN/SHP", maybe there you can find an other way to open a shape file.

RE: Converstion Arcgis shapefile to GEN-file
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6/28/16 10:34 AMas a reply to Alfonso Flaquer.
Dear Alfonso:

Thank you for your reply! It works in this way. Thanks!