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model cell direction

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model cell direction
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7/24/16 4:34 PM
Dear all:

I want to know if we can change the model cell direction. I'm not sure if it's right way to say it.

for example, nomally our model cells are placed horizontally, like attachment "5CD7.tmp.png"

But i want them to be like "3D9B.tmp.png".

Is there a way to change that in iMOD, and where can i change the setting? At least I didn't find it in "model simulation" or "project manager".

Thanks in advance!



Attachments: 3D9B.tmp.png (6.9k), 5CD7.tmp.png (1.1k)
RE: model cell direction
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8/18/16 11:23 AMas a reply to Hongyang wang.
Hi Hongyang,

iMOD is not supporting any angles in grid-direction. A main reason to do so is to apply an anisotropy for a layer or reduce the number of nodes. Since iMOD can handle anisotropy per gridcell very easily and can apply submodelling, the need to apply a rotation is not supported. A easy trick however could be, to rotate your inputdata.

Kind regards,
Peter Vermeulen