Unavailable 13-23 April 2018: migration to new platform

On Friday, 13 April, we will start migrating to a new platform.

During the migration it will not be possible to login to oss.deltares.nl.
You can still see all content but you will not be able to edit or post in
the forums or to create/edit an account.

Access to SVN will still be available via https://svn.oss.deltares.nl.

We expect to be able to go live on the new platform by Monday, 23 April.

More info: oss@deltares.nl



To enlarge video of iMOD feature please click here                                         To enlarge the video of the Interactive Pathline Simulator please click here

iMOD 4.0.1 bugfix release
In iMOD 4.0 output from MetaSWAP to idf-files was accidentally blocked, this has been repaired in this bugfix-release.
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iMOD 4.0 released containing new Parallel Krylov Solver package!
We are happy to announce that iMOD 4.0 has just been released, including a brand new parallel solver, the Parallel Krylov Solver Package. This solver has been developed by Deltares, USGS and WEnR (Alterra) in collaboration with Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology. From now on you can run your iMOD model on a multi-core computer allowing drastic reduction in run times. The PKS...
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Dutch iMOD User Day 2017
On June 14, 2017 the Dutch version of the iMOD User Day 2017 was held. During the morning session a taste of using the new iMOD-implementation of the SFR-, LAK, MNW- and UZF-packages was offered: a selection of the tutorials were practised hands-on by all participants individually (on their own laptop or a laptop provided by the Deltares Software Dagen). This was alternated by plenairy...
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