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RE: reservoir model

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reservoir model
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11/8/13 11:01 AM
Is it possible to include evaporation from reservoirs?
RE: reservoir model
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11/11/13 4:40 PMas a reply to Karen Meijer.
This feature is already included. You can specify the evaporation in mm, the model computes the surface area as the derivative of the level storage relation.
RE: reservoir model
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6/14/16 6:22 PMas a reply to Dirk Schwanenberg.
Is there an opportunity to limit the storage volume of a reservoir (e.g. polder without a spillway) so that the the model does not overrun/underrun this constant value?

At moment I try to keep the highest or lowest volume with a high weighting factor in the objective function.

Thanks for your recommendation!
RE: reservoir model
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6/15/16 12:48 PMas a reply to Christian Bouillon.
Try constraints in rtcObjectiveConfig.xml:

<boundVariable id="">

Constraints limit the solution space. A violation is not possible. This means that the optimizer returns "infeasible problem found" if it can not find a solution.
For reservoirs we usually constraint the water level in the reservoir with the physical limits.