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Welcome to the XBeach Open Source Community website. This website facilitates users and developers of the XBeach model to get started and keep going while modelling with XBeach. The website is also intended to keep you up-to-date on recent and planned developments and events.

XBeach is a two-dimensional model for wave propagation, long waves and mean flow, sediment transport and morphological changes of the nearshore area, beaches, dunes and backbarrier during storms. It is a public-domain model that has been developed with funding and support by the US Army Corps of Engineers, by a consortium of UNESCO-IHE, Deltares (Delft Hydraulics), Delft University of Technology and the University of Miami.

This website is structured based on the different needs for information of users and developers. If you want to get started using XBeach, you should definitely have a look in the Get started section of this website, which you can find in the menu above. If you are already using XBeach, but have a need for assistance or for new functionalities, please have a look at the Get help section where you will find documentation, a discussion forum and WIKI pages. This section is also suitable for collaborating on new developments for developers. Users that wants to be updated and kept up-to-date on new developments and upcoming events should look in the News section. The Validation section provides information on the performance of XBeach, which is useful information for potential users and policy-makers. Finally, we have a Download section where you can download the XBeach source-code, pre-compiled versions for XBeach, a Matlab Toolbox for XBeach and other peripherial software.

Happy modelling!

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2DH XBeach simulation of a (fictitious) storm surge in Petten, The Netherlands with subsequent flooding of the hinterland and translation to Storm Impact Indicators (SII)

Matlab Toolbox

New export of Matlab toolbox uploaded



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