Become a Contributor

Become a Contributor

Deltares offers you the possibility to develop your iMOD-source code directly in an iMOD-branch of the Deltares svn-repository. This makes it potentially very easy to have your new features merged in the next official Deltares release of iMOD. In accordance with the recommendations of the GNU Public License we will first ask you to sign a so-called 'Fiduciary License Agreement'; this optimizes the possibilties for Deltares to ensure all current and future contributions comply with GPLv3 and makes it feasible for us to make new updates of iMOD available without having to gather written approvals of all individual Contributors before being able to do the next release of an update of iMOD.

Advantages for the Contributor

Apart from working from a svn-repository is a very sensible thing to do when developing code, the big advantage of being an official iMOD-Contributor is that it maximises the possibility that your new source code becomes part of the next official release of the iMOD source code.
Once it has that status the extra benefits for the Contributor are:
  • all user-questions and support can be routed via the iMOD support channels
  • no worries anymore about required maintenance of the new source code.
Whether we will merge your code in the next release of iMOD of course also depends on how much additional effort (documentation, testing, etc.) is needed in relation to how much means are available to do so.
For more information, please contact our iMOD Helpdesk.
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