28/01/2021 - International iMOD User Day


The full recordings of the User Day are made available in 2 parts.  

Recording part 1 - program:


Recording part 2 - program:


MP4 - Quick Guide on iMOD and MODFLOW6

Welcome. This Quick Guide gives a tour along iMOD main features, the analysis of a MODFLOW6 model and running the model.
This is the recording of 1 of 18 Tutorials available in the iMOD Manual. Tutorials are developed ot help users step by step to get particular skills e.g. building and running different models (including geological models), edit model input, display model files both grids and timeseries.     


Webinar screencasts and Questions & Answers

1. Create your first iMOD groundwater flow model.
In this first iMOD webinar we created a MODFLOW groundwater flow model step by step. It includes basics like installation of iMOD and data viewing and editing in 2D and 3D. The webinar is be based on Tutorial 4 of the iMOD User Manual. For this webinar, no experience in using iMOD is required. The webinar was given by Mr. Frans Roelofsen (Hydrogeologist, Deltares).
Screencast (to view the screencast in YouTube directly, click here):