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Word lid van onze gemeenschap!
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Delft3D webinar

11 september 2020 10:00 - 12:00 Teams meeting

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RE: Bars in rivers

Hi Abdelrahman,  Your question may be more related to bar theory than to the software. It raises several questions. There exist several types of river bars. Which type of bar do you intend to...

Victor Chavarrias | 2 december 2020 | 1 Views

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Bars in rivers

Hi, I have a question. I built up my model as a straight channel 2DH simulation. Then I put perturbation in the upstream boundary (discharge per cell) to trigger instability and bar formation. The...

Abdelrahman Abdou | 30 november 2020 | 11 Views

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Plotting river kilometers as streamwise axis

Hi Claudia,  For plotting river kilometers (rkm) as the streamwise axis, you can use the file that relates coordinates with rkm in the repository:[list type="disc"]...

Victor Chavarrias | 23 november 2020 | 8 Views

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