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Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2020

04 November 2020 - 18 November 2020 Online

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Delft-FEWS Australian User Days 2020

14 July 2020 - 06 August 2020 Via Microsoft Teams

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Delft-FEWS Dutch Userday 2020, event #3

30 June 2020 9:30 - 11:30 Via link

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RE: ["Export"] Cannot export GFS forecast data to ascii grid

Hi Ivo, Thank you for all your assistance. The latter suggestion helped to solve the problem.   The main issue,  as I understand, was in the  in the  section of the export module. It should've been...

Dmitry Kushnir | 25 June 2020 | 105 Views

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RE: ["Export"] Cannot export GFS forecast data to ascii grid

Hi Dmitry,my 2cts: I read the "Trying to read time series data for a not yet used key combination:-2:GFS_Black_Sea:T.forecast:GFS:SETS180:external forecasting:grid" message as: FEWS is not able to...

Ivo Miltenburg | 24 June 2020 | 100 Views

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RE: ["Export"] Cannot export GFS forecast data to ascii grid

Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. But I couldn't find references to the IdMapFile in  the schema for ASCII Grid Export module...

Dmitry Kushnir | 24 June 2020 | 96 Views

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