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12th CSB meeting: Using Ensemble forecasts in decision making

Many of you are probably familiar with ensemble forecasts in your operational forecasting system. Most likely they are included in the forecasting chain and presented in your system. But how do you use them properly in forecast informed decision making?

Jan Verkade from Deltares gave a presentation about the use of ensembles and uncertainty in forecasting at our face-to-face meeting the day before the international Delft-FEWS usermeeting in November 2018. This resulted in a good discussion which is reflected in the minutes of this meeting.

The Environment Agency from the UK was invited for this meeting to provide information about the plans for their forecasting system. Stefan Laeger gave a presentation explaining the current status of Flood Forecasting in England and the services they are providing to the public. He also highlighted the current and future plans for their new Future Flood Forecasting System, which is based on Delft-FEWS, and for their organisation. Afterwards, ideas were shared that could be used in setting up the new system in the UK.

The minutes of this CSB meeting can be found here