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13th CSB meeting: Delft-FEWS 2025 vision

This year, we will implement the last features of our Delft-FEWS Roadmap plans that originated from the Delft-FEWS 2020 vision. It's time to start developing a new vision. In the 13th CSB meeting, we discussed the process of how to come to this new Delft-FEWS vision for the year 2025.

Deltares will develop a plan this year for the coming 3-5 years consisting of a vision for 2025 including organisation and financing. Input for this vision will be obtained from:

The CSB agreed to act as reviewer and will provide feedback on the plan. Input from the Delft-FEWS community will be obtained from the new Delft-FEWS portal where this vision will be shared.

In addition to this topic, Deltares also shared information about the current status of the Delft-FEWS roadmaps. Also, the plans for the new Delft-FEWS portal were revealed, which led to a nice discussion on the role of the CSB in the implementation project.

The minutes of the meeting in March can be found here.