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New RIBASIM release in 2022

New RIBASIM release in 2022

New RIBASIM Version 7.01.24 release, April 2022


The Deltares software for river basin planning and management RIBASIM is continuously updated like new modelling functionalities, user-friendly interface, improved computational performance and software technical changes. RIBASIM Version 7.01.24 was released in April 2022.

In July 2021 Version 7.01.23 was already released with some interesting major changes like new node type “Natural lake node”, new link type “Natural lake backwater flow link” and new measure types the “site conditional reservoir operation” and “time conditional measures” which allows for the modelling of adaptation and development pathways. Further, new options for simulation of optimal operation of parallel reservoirs is available. The code was compiled with the latest Intel Fortran compiler.

Now Version 7.01.24 was released with extended functionality of the node type “Storage partition node”, operation of reservoirs based on expected / predicted inflow and extension of the daily simulation feature. Further new documentation is available: 2 Excel files were created with a description of all result parameters in each timeseries output file and an overview of all chapter and property names which can be used for the definition of various measure types. Many example models have been designed to illustrate most of the river basin modelling RIBASIM features. New set of training modules and associated videos are available for starting users (in progress).

You can find the list of changes here.

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Wil van der Krogt and Martijn Visser