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null New wflow releases in 2021

New wflow releases in 2021

Deltares’ wflow hydrological modelling software is increasingly used as the forecasting engine within FEWS applications. Therefore, Deltares has invested time and resources to improve the computational performance of wflow. This led to the new development of wflow in the Julia programming language. This has improved computation times by two- or three-fold and allows Deltares to explore parallelization of the code in the search for additional improvements.

The code of the latest wflow Julia version is available directly from our Github:

The new wflow julia documentation is available here:

And the Windows OS version of the executable of the wflow Julia version is available directly from Deltares software download portal:

The previous wflow version in PCRaster Python language remains available to users. We do not envisage any further developments of wflow in PCRaster Python but bug fixes may be possible.

For more information contact us at

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