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Release process and test automation

Update 2023: 
Goal: Improve and shorten the release process
To further streamline the release process, we’ve taken the following steps in 2023:
We’ve assigned a release coordinator to closely monitor the release process. This helped with identifying problems sooner and provide timely solutions. By structuring and improving the release procedures we were able to deliver in time and with higher test coverage.
Furthermore, we’ve started investigating automation of the functional component tests. In 2023 two functional component tests were automated and eight more were identified to be suitable for automation
Since the 2023.02 release we’ve started with automated GUI tests.


Plan 2023:
Our release process will be improved even further. Plans for 2023 are to further automate manual tests and take the next step in bundling and consizing our release related documents. 

Contact: Marcel Ververs


Update 2022: 
A final version of the Master Test Plan is available. From that document, Delft-FEWS product management derives the Release Test Plan. That has been done for 2022.02 for the first time. Further attention went to automation of the Open Archive tests. Therefore, an additional dedicated test system has been set up to run all kind of manual and automated open archive tests. This test system contains all kinds of archived data and is already containing an impressive amount of data. This test archive is continuously harvesting and processing archive-export results (from different operational test systems). This test archive is also monitored on a daily basis.


Plan 2022

We are continuously improving our release process to deliver high quality and well-tested releases. By adding a product risk analysis (PRA) prior to testing, we identify areas of the code that should be addressed in upcoming release testing. A release retrospective will provide useful feedback for future releases. Test scripts are being improved to make them easier to transfer and reuse. Our portfolio of automated tests is extended with pilots for automated client-server tests using Docker, with continuous integration tests focused on performance. The aim is to increase automated tests even further to reduce the number of manual tests.


Separating GUI code and business logic is also on our radar this year and we will further complete our Master Test Plan to easily derive the our Release Specific Test Plans.

Expected effort in 2022: ±20 days