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null Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2020

Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2020

02 Nov 2020  - 09 Nov 2020 Online

Delft-FEWS international user days 2020

Invitation to the Delft-FEWS International User Days 2020

Join our online events

Dates: 2, 5 and 9 November 2020

Time: 14:00 to 18:00 hrs CET


Continuing a highly valued tradition, Deltares is once again organizing the annual Delft-FEWS International User Days. Instead of meeting in Delft, this year we invite you to join our three online events. Each event will be introduced by a keynote speaker and will include several opportunities to interact online. With this short questionnaire (3 questions) we kindly ask you to submit your expectations to the organizing committee about the interactive character of the Delft-FEWS community at the online events so we can tailor it as much as possible to your wishes.

For the program, we still have some timeslots available, so contact us at , if you would like to present at one of the events.

The overall theme this year is ‘observe to forecast – forecast to prepare’.

•           Observe: Focusing on the observation of physical processes in the forecaster’s domain, and accommodating experiences with satellite imagery, model implementations, data assimilation and archive functionalities.

•           Forecast: Showcasing best practice examples of existing forecasting systems and dealing with uncertainty.

•           Prepare: Zooming into sharing of forecasts (e.g. via PI webservice, WMS, dashboards) and the use of forecasted (impact) information for decision making and emergency response, and well as devising interventions to reduce impacts to acceptable levels. This session includes also best practices in communication of early warning information to relevant authorities and non-experts.

The Delft-FEWS International User Days are a great opportunity to connect with the Delft-FEWS community - to showcase progress, share experience and learn about new developments.

To register for each of the Delft-FEWS events, please visit the website of the Delft Software Days or click on the links below:

- Event 1 - November 2

- Event 2 - November 5

- Event 3 - November 9

Hope to ‘meet’ you all,
On behalf of the organization committee
Patricia Trambauer and Ilonka ten Broeke

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