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null Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2020

Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2020

09 Nov 2020  - 09 Nov 2020 14:00 - 18:00 CET / CEST (Delft time, UTC+2) Online

Delft-FEWS international user days 2020

Delft-FEWS International User Days 2020

Observe to forecast - forecast to prepare


The Delft-FEWS International User Days 2020 were organized online for the first time.

Around 150 Delft-FEWS community members from many different countries joined the first and the second online event. The third event was attended by 120 participants. There were a lot of familiar faces present and even a couple of new community members. A big thank you to all the presenters, breakout hosts, chairs, and game masters for making this event a great success!

The presentations of the events on 2, 5, and 9 November can be viewed via the links below and via our VIMEO channel (recordings of the 3rd event).

We hope to meet you all next year, in Delft or online. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at   

On behalf of the organization committee
Patricia Trambauer and Ilonka ten Broeke

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Program for the 3 online Delft-FEWS events  >  By Patricia Trambauer, Ilonka ten Broeke Deltares

Keynote day 1: Hydrological forecasting at WMO  >  By Dr. Hwirin Kim - Head of Hydrological and Water Resources Services Division (HWR) World Meteorological Organization

Satellite based rainfall nowcast in West Africa - using artificial intelligence to enhance satellite-based rainfall to a nowcast  >  By Dorien Lugt HKV Lijn in Water

Towards more accurate riverine flood forecasting over the Lower Mekong Basin  >  By Miguel Angel Laverde Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

Operational River Ice Montoring in Canada using Earth Observation Data  >  By Stefan Emmer and Martijn Kwant Alberta Environment and Parks, Deltares

Delft-FEWS new developments - 1 of 3  >  By Marcel Ververs Deltares

Pitch 1 - Evaluation of radar rainfall nowcasting techniques for operational water management  >  By Ruben Imhoff Deltares

Pitch 2 - BlueEarth Data platform  >  By Gert-Jan Schotmeijer Deltares

Pitch 3 - FEWS OpenDatabase - A NoSQL Approach to Data Archiving  >  By Andre Grijze and Gabriel Miller Deltares, Tennessee Valley Authority

Pitch 4 - Scripting a configuration; the case of Deltares Global fluvial flood forecasting system  >  By Jan Verkade Deltares

Radar rainfall and nowcasting tools  >  By Ruben Imhoff, Xiaohan Li, Pieter Hazenberg Deltares

Keynote day 2: Challenges of communicating uncertainty information  >  By Prof. David Demeritt King College London

Web-client for continuous forecast verification  >  By Annette Zijderveld and Peter Gijsbers Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares

Calculating, visualising and publishing model performance in the ‘Incident Management Forecasting System  >  By Paul Wass JBA Consulting

Forecasting the lower Mississippi during hurricane season  >  By David Welch Lower Mississippi Forecast Center

Delft-FEWS new developments - 2 of 3  >  By Gerben Boot Deltares

Pitch 1 - Enabling Particle Tracking in Operational Forecasting  >  By Kun Yan Deltares

Pitch 2 - Dealing with uncertainties in flow forecasting for hydropower generation in Brazil  >  By Alberto Assis dos Reis CEMIG

Pitch 3 - Manitoba Hydro FEWS Implementation  >  By Shane Wruth Manitoba Hydro

Breakout - Reservoir Management and forecasting - 1  >  By Ivo Miltenburg, Bernhard Becker Deltares

Breakout - Reservoir Management and forecasting - 2  >  By Ivo Miltenburg, Bernhard Becker Deltares

Breakout - Reservoir Management and forecasting - 3  >  By Ivo Miltenburg, Bernhard Becker Deltares

Keynote day 3: Beyond the forecast - Communicating Flood Risk in the Toronto Region  >  By Rehana Rajabali - Associate Director, Engineering Services Toronto and Region Conservation Authorities

Using extended lead time flood forecasts to save lives and property  >  By Justin Robinson Bureau of Meteorology

Implementation of a operational forecast system for decision making in Uruguay -FEWS-Uruguay  >  By Jose Rodolfo Valles and Pablo Gamazo DINAGUA, UdelaR

IoT flood sensors in FEWS-Taiwan and citizen science  >  By Jhih Cyuan Shen and NTUT

Delft-FEWS new developments - 3 of 3  >  By Gerben Boot and Marcel Ververs Deltares

Pitch 1 - CWW dashboard  >  By Hessel Winsemius Deltares

Pitch 2 - Drought in Malawi  >  By Micha Werner Deltares

Pitch 3 - Delft-FEWS road map web operator client  >  By Tom Bogaard and Daniel Twigt Deltares

Breakout - Forecast impact information for decision making and emergency response  >  By Herman Haaksma, Patricia Trambauer Deltares

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