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null Delft-FEWS Regionales Anwendertreffen 2020

Delft-FEWS Regionales Anwendertreffen 2020

18 Jun 2020 Essen, Germany

Annual user meeting for German speaking users.

18th of June: Delft-FEWS German Userday 2020

The annual meeting of the German-speaking users of Delft-FEWS took place this year in form of a one-day webinar due to the limitations of COVID-19. Hydrotec and Deltares organized a successful online event using the tool GoToWebinar. 43 participants from 21 different institutions accepted the invitation to learn about new functionalities and applications in practice.

Deltares’ staff presented the new functionalities from the Delft-FEWS Version 2019.02 onwards using videos and short examples and gave an insight into the application. Important innovations are the modernization of the user interface and the communication with third parties via web services. Deltares also presented its Delft-FEWS Vision 2025 with the planned development of the system. Martin Ebel, member of the Delft-FEWS Community Strategy Board (CSB), gave interesting insights into the strategic orientation of Delft-FEWS and the influence of users on the Delft-FEWS software.

In a second block of the webinar, the presenters introduced some successful examples of Delft-FEWS applications. The Hydris system (hydrodynamic model Salzach in Salzburg, Austria), supports the users in Austria in flood forecasting and optimal operation of power plants and barrages. Presenter Adrian Treis of Emschergenossenschaft/Lippeverband explained how the Delft-FEWS forecasting system of the NRW water boards will be increasingly used in future for heavy rainfall forecasting and warning.

The participants used the opportunity to ask questions during the feedback rounds and to exchange ideas with the organizers of the event.

Deltares and Hydrotec hope to be able to hold the Delft-FEWS German-speaking Userday 2021 again together with users without "social distancing". The direct encounter and the personal conversation will give the event the special atmosphere we are looking for.

For more information and to view the presentations, please go to Hydrotec’s webpage:

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