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FEWS Community Talk 5 - Ocotober 5, 2023

05 Oct 2023 Online

online community meeting

This FEWS community talk will take place at 1600 hrs (CEST, GMT+2).


“Environment Agency Incident Management Reference Database and Performance Testing App - current use and benefits for configuration and modelling”

In April 2021 the Environment Agency Incident Management Forecasting System (IMFS) went live. As part of this a new configuration platform was delivered called the Incident Management Reference Database (IMRD). This delivered a once national database of all the metadata that drives Incident Management including flood, bathing water, and water resources. A front end General User Interface was developed for configuration experts to use. No longer do they edit 100s of xml files to configure Delft-FEWS with new locations, thresholds and models, it is now almost completely fully scripted using python to generate the xml files automatically. It also has a Performance App built in to assess our fluvial model performance and generate automatic reports. 

Ian Clayton (EA Incident Management Forecasting System Product Manager) and Emma Ferguson (EA Evidence and Risk Senior Technical Advisor on the Flood Forecasting Improvements and Development Programme) will present on why we moved to IMRD, what it looks like, and the benefits that are being realised from these new configuration developments.

The recording and presentation are available on the CSB page.


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