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null Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2019

Delft-FEWS international user meeting 2019

06 Nov 2019  - 07 Nov 2019 Deltares, Netherlands

Delft-FEWS International User Days 2019: Early Warning in Action

The 2019 International Delft-FEWS User Days celebrated the 15th year of User Days and welcomed 150 participants from across the globe. In a survey of participants, both veteran and rookie User Day attendees were present in great numbers.

Keynote speeches were delivered from two markedly different contexts. Al Pietroniro describing the Canadian context for cold regions data collection and operational modelling, while May Layugan described the rapid growth of the Philippine Red Cross Early Warning in Action.

Presentations of great quality were given from government, industry and academic speakers on the challenge of Early Warning in Action. Notable in this were new developments from the Incident Management Forecasting System from the UK Environment Agency and the planned path of Delft-FEWS as we move towards 2025.

We look forward to hosting the User Days next year in Delft, Nov 4-5, 2020 and see our new and old community members once again.

The presentations can be downloaded from the links below. The pictures of the event can be viewed in this photo album.



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Program Delft-FEWS int user days 2019  >  By Dave Casson, Martijn Kwant and Roman Schotten Deltares

Keynote: A National Flood-Guidance Programme for Canada : Challenges and Opportunities  >  By Dr. Alain Pietroniro, Executive Director National Hydrological Service of Canada, Meteorological Service of Canada

Delft-FEWS portal, introduction RCC's  >  By Ilonka ten Broeke and the RCCs Deltares

The Incident Management Forecasting System (IMFS) for England – providing a better service from end-to-end  >  By Stefan Laeger Environment Agency

Flood forecasting in an Alpine region from the perspective of a hydropower trader  >  By Ulrich Haberl, Simone Patzke and Juan Salva Verbund Trading GmbH, Hydrotec GmbH

Delft-FEWS new developments  >  By Gerben Boot, Marcel Ververs Deltares

CSB recap  >  By Martin Ebel, Nadine Slootjes, Marc Philippart Deltares, FOEN, Rijkswaterstaat

Implementation of Delft-FEWS at Seqwater: Operations, calibration, design and more  >  By David Pokarier SEQwater

Keynote: Enhancement of Community Based Early Warning System using VCA (Vulnerability Capacity Assessment  >  By May Layugan, Manager Operations Center Philippine Red Cross

A model-oriented interlink among platforms of IoT, AI, and FEWS  >  By Professor Che Hao Chang Taipei Tech - National Taipei University of Technology

Adding value and user context: Local knowledge, perception, policy, and contemporary forecast information  >  By Micha Werner Deltares & IHE Delft

Delft FEWS-based flood forecasting system for Czech Hydrometeorological institute  >  By Stanislav Vanecek, Pavel Tacheci DHI CZ

Global Data Services  >  By Gert-Jan Schotmeijer Deltares

Dam operations workshop I - Operational setup of Delft-FEWS for dam operators  >  By David Pokarier SEQwater

Dam operations workshop II - Operating dams using Delft-FEWS (model independent)  >  By David Pokarier SEQwater

Using media data in your FEWS  >  By Petra Izeboud & Daniel Twigt Floodtags, Deltares

The FEWSPo system: actual state and new developments  >  By Fabrizio Tonelli,Chiara Montecorboli, Selena Ziccardi, Marco Brian ARPAE

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