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New moderator joins the team in January

There is a change in the FEWS moderator team. Aashish Bhardwaj is moving to Canada and Nena Vandebroek has agreed to join the moderator team from January onwards. To prepare for this new task, she had an interview with Aashish. Enjoy reading their talk.


What have I signed up for? Can you briefly describe a week in the life of a Delft-FEWS moderator?

When a Delft-FEWS user wants to upload a new blog, idea, or best practice, we, the team of Delft-FEWS moderators, assist them. We are available during working hours to provide support.


What have you enjoyed most (and least) about being a moderator?

I enjoyed being part of a community and making sure that Delft-FEWS is known not only for its technical aspects but also for its social aspects.


What aspect of the portal are you most proud of/do you feel like you had an impact on?

I find blog section most interesting. There is a lot of new information our users share in the blog, and this makes us proud to be part of the Delft-FEWS user community.


Will you stay in touch via the FEWS portal after you leave?

Yes, the idea is to remain in touch and see what I can bring from Delft-FEWS user community in North America.