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Looking back to a successful year: Delft-FEWS 19.02, seven user meetings and vision 2025

Delft-FEWS 2019.02 available

The Delft-FEWS 2019.02 stable version is now available. Delft-FEWS 19.02 has an impressive number of new (visible) features: new displays, new default icons and a consistent look and feel for Windows and LINUX supported operating systems.

New displays
Do you want to easily collect and share a set of spatial plots shown together, no matter the timestep? Please check out the new dashboard display. No longer “lost” in your data? Start using the product information display that keeps forecast remarks and product information throughout the lifetime of that time series. Furthermore, the modifier concept has been extended to spatial products. So-called spatial modifiers enable the user to apply modifiers to spatial time series both in time and space. 

New Web services features
The visual of any schematic status display is a SVG image. These images can now be shared via the Delft-FEWS web service in order to display them on the web. All available web services are now 'read-only' by default. Write access is still possible but must be explicitly configured. To retrieve time-dependency and location relation information new methods have been introduced and data thinning (filtering out irrelevant parts of timeseries for displaying purposes) has been applied.

New Archive features
An interesting new feature is the option to not only display the current forecasts but search and visualize older forecasts via the getMap request of the WMS web service. Within this feature, there is a clear link with the open archive improvements. Another open archive feature is the possibility to let the harvester create a catalogue of a stack of NetCDF files that do not originate from Delft-FEWS but other systems. Log messages can now be sent to the archive for storage as well and the performance of the harvester itself has been improved.

Easy installation
Delft-FEWS 19.02 fully benefits from the implemented Roadmap 2020 features for the Delft-FEWS server side. An upgrade to this version has been simplified substantially.

Curious about all the other new features? Please visit the release notes, view the What's New in 2019.02 presentation of the Delft-FEWS user days or try them yourself by downloading the 2019.02 demo version and What's New in 2019.02 Course Materials.

New Delft-FEWS users
Besides having a dozen of new organisations that started to work with Delft-FEWS this year, we also have a handful of new clients that started to make use of the support and maintenance services that Deltares delivers. This steady growth helps us in strengthening the Delft-FEWS community. Apart from delivering the support and maintenance services ourselves, Deltares also facilitates interaction between the Delft-FEWS clients through this portal. This means that new clients can benefit from other more experienced clients and vice versa (clients with a long history can make use of new configuration examples based on the latest software version and configuration standards). Further interaction is promoted by Deltares through the many regional user meetings that Deltares organizes and contributes to around the world. This blog gives a nice summary of the seven user meetings in 2019.

Delft-FEWS vision 2025
This year we developed a vision for Delft-FEWS for the coming five years. The vision was established in close collaboration with the community. Interaction on the important topics of the future was discussed with the community during the different regional user days in the USA, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. The vision was also the main topic on the agenda of the international community strategy board.  The vision 2025 will be published on the Delft-FEWS portal at the beginning of 2020.