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Post-COVID-19: Hands-on training

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us time to review, evaluate, and define future road maps.

The online Delft-FEWS community is more connected than ever before. We’ve seen impressive online tutorials, webinars, several digital FEWS user days, and increased interaction on our community forum. We can connect from any workstation in the world: from home, the office, or elsewhere, as long there’s adequate social distancing to prevent spread of the virus.

To what extent should the transition to working online be part of our future road map, also after COVID-19? How would our community evolve if we reduced or stopped in-person training, conferences, and workshops? What opportunities or challenges would this create for vulnerable communities in developing countries, like Vietnam?

In this article we share how a community in central Vietnam learned to use Delft-FEWS through the concept of ‘learning by doing’. Would it be as effective to follow such a training online? How can we address issues such as the language barrier and limited IT capacity?

Participation in the Delft-FEWS community has never been easier through our online channels, but to be honest, I look forward to meeting in person again!


Day 1 - Delft-FEWS Client Server training