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Global water data now easily accessible on the BlueEarth Data platform

Water-related hazards, like flooding, drought, pollution and other related issues, are a serious global risk, causing loss of life and damage to property, livelihoods, human health, and economies. Economic growth, urbanization and climate change will increase the risks at many locations in the world. For example, flood risks during events are often underestimated and poorly managed due to the lack of data, particularly in less-developed regions. In addition, preparing for future coastal erosion and flooding requires data on several hazards like erosion, waves, and extreme events. Until now these datasets were not readily available within one environment.

On September 9th Deltares has launched a platform, called BlueEarth Data, that shares operational and historic water-related data for oceans, coasts and rivers at a global scale for professional specialists, researchers, and water managers all over the world. Following our motto ‘Dare to Share’ various forecast systems and data services, developed by Deltares, are being combined into one web-based platform, where users can view, inspect, and download the data for free. BlueEarth Data is part of a larger initiative called BlueEarth, which is an integrated open platform with information and tools to support water-related planning processes. To explain the past and explore the future. Delft-FEWS is an important component of BlueEarth Data.

 For more information, click on this news item or access the BlueEarth Data platform.