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Delft-FEWS product management looks back on 2020

Dear Delft-FEWS User,

What a year it has been! Looking back on 2020, it feels like time has both flown by and stood still. We had just completed the Delft-FEWS vision for 2025 when the Dutch lockdown began. When I think back to the Delft-FEWS developments, support, and community activities, I am proud of my team for what they have achieved. When they made the overnight switch to working from home, everyone was flexible and adapted to the new situation. Several of us had to combine work, home schooling, and/or taking care of family.

The Delft-FEWS development team switched to daily digital stand-ups, and that has worked very well. The team implemented 260 new features and improvements. They also welcomed Mozhan Soltani, a new Delft-FEWS developer. Even though she has never seen the whole team in person, she already feels like a full member of the team.

We also developed a business continuity plan for our Delft-FEWS Support and Maintenance Services, and we did not experience any business disruptions in 2020. We even had time to start standardizing these services.

Though it was a challenge to keep the Delft-FEWS community connected in 2020, we learned a lot! In April, the successful webinar on the Delft-FEWS 2019.02 release laid the foundation for the series of productive User Days that followed. Organizing an online event is different from hosting a conference in Delft, that's for sure. There are even elements we plan to use in offline events when those are possible again.

Read more about Delft-FEWS progress in 2020 in this blog post.  I wish you a safe, healthy, and of course a happy-forecasting 2021!

Kind regards,

Nadine Slootjes
Head of Department, Water Operations and Early Warning