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Delft-FEWS Stable 2022.01 Released!

Delft-FEWS Product management is proud to announce that the Delft-FEWS Stable release 2022.01 is now available!

Main components
The latest version of Delft-FEWS contains more than 100 new features!

A new, interactive double mass display has been added.  New (spatial) transformations, including optional output 'trimming' and improvements to the tracking layer have been implemented as well. A spelling checker has been added to (the input fields of) the: Forecast Product Info panel, Annotation panel, Data search panel, Manual Forecast dialog and the Timeseries dialog (comment editor). In the Explorer you can now configure additional 'double-click' options for quickly opening plots and the location tooltip can contain hyperlinks which can directly be opened in the embedded Web Browser Display.

Open Archive
The Open Archive has been improved substantially. Not only the Archive Admin GUI has been upgraded, there's a new 'open archive database REST API' for storing archive data in external databases like MongoDB. This implementation is also finalized in this version. Besides that the export of self-describing NetCDF files has been implemented.

Other important features
Additional effort has been put in re-organizing the documentation. For installation, upgrade and hardware and software requirements pages, now version-specific pages are available. This provides a better overview and easier content management. In this version outdated third party libraries have been updated and it includes the latest database drivers and NetCDF libraries.

Next to these regular new features we have been implementing the yearly roadmap plans (as part of the Delft-FEWS 2025 vision). In the next few years we will clean-up our code by removing/replacing (old) functionality. To assess if your configuration still uses obsolete modules or displays, you can now run a <F12> option to check this.

All details about the new features and the resolved bugs can be found on the Delft-FEWS WIKI Release Notes page. A descriptive release document, links to relevant PDFs and presentations about the new features can be found here.

As a pilot, the release notes can be viewed online.

A webinar demonstrating the highlights of the Delft-FEWS 2022.01 new features is planned for September 2022.

Gerben Boot
Delft-FEWS product management
July 2022