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Delft-FEWS 2020.02 available

The Delft-FEWS 2020.02 stable version is available!

The most remarkable developments in this 2020.02 are the backend improvements of the Master Controller, the webservice improvements and the extension of the Dashboard functionality.

Around 140 (!) new features have been implemented in this new version. The Master Controller backend component has received a lot of attention. The installation and configuration of this vital component has been improved and structured better by making use of a consistent scheme (XSD) comparable to Operator Client configuration files. By reorganizing the code the functional component is separated from the support and troubleshoot tools, the so-called MC-Tools. The other backend component, the Admin Interface now has additional functionality for uploading a complete client configuration (as a zip file). The corresponding Admin Interface API has been extended with similar functionalities so both through the Admin Interface web GUI as well as through the Admin Interface API the same results can be obtained.

At the frontend (client) side, around 15 new data imports and more than 10 new data-transformation types have been added. The most popular displays: the map, the timeseries display and the spatial display have been improved with features like additional on-the-fly statistics, log-scale plots, improved y-scaling options and easy (un)hiding timeseries from a plot using the legend. And last but not least: the dashboard display is equipped with timeseries plots to show both spatial maps and graphs on a dashboard which is now very easily shared with your colleagues who are logged in to the same system!

For more information about this new version, please have a look at the following links:

  • Visit our wiki page with release notes to find out what features have been introduced in this software version. Available are:

    • A document describing general aspects of this release with respect to Delft-FEWS Client-Server, Delft-FEWS PI Webservice and the Open Archive

    • Tabular overviews containing information on the new features and solved bugs

  • Go to the events page of the Delft-FEWS user events in November 2020 to find the presentation about the new features.

If you would like to learn more about the Delft-FEWS 2020.02 version, feel free to join our upcoming webinar. More information will be available soon on the homepage

Or contact FEWS Support directly to start working with the new Delft-FEWS version as soon as possible.

Gerben Boot
Delft-FEWS Product management


The dashboard panel in Delft-FEWS 2020.02 can contain both spatial and timeseries plots