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Delft-FEWS Stable 2021.01 Released!

Delft-FEWS Productmanagement is proud to announce that the Delft-FEWS Stable release 2021.01 is now available!

Main components
The latest version of Delft-FEWS contains more than 100 new features ranging from 3D vertical aggregation transformations, new displays for timeseries annotations and auto calibration with OpenDA to a complete new 'windows 10 flat look & feel'.

At the same time the Admin Interface (including its API) has been improved, supporting single sign on (AD and OAuth2) and all backend components can now be installed using RPMs (LINUX), MSIs (Windows) or via Docker containers (on request). Delft-FEWS' deployment options and cloud-readiness has been further improved and extended.

Other important features
Another important feature is the much smoother contour lines due to the use of the pixel level as calculation unit. Statistics of previous run times (of workflows, models) are now stored so end users can 'predict' when workflows will be ready. This overview is available via the Admin Interface (API) but will become available in the System Monitor in the next version. Also, parts of forecasts can already be approved while running.

Next to these regular new features we have been implementing the yearly roadmap plans (as part of the Delft-FEWS 2025 vision). In the next few years we will clean-up our code by removing/replacing (old) functionality. To assess if your configuration still uses obsolete modules or displays, you can now run a <F12> option to check this.

All details about the new features and the resolved bugs can be found on the Delft-FEWS WIKI Release Notes page. A descriptive release document, links to relevant PDFs and presentations about the new features can be found here.

A webinar showing the highlights of the Delft-FEWS 2021.01 new features is planned for September 2021.

Gerben Boot
Delft-FEWS product management
June 2021